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KLaS - Dynamometer, Engine, Transmissions and Vehicle Test

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, KLaS specialises in Real-Time Control and Datalogging Systems, primarily for the Automotive Engine, Transmission and Vehicle Test Industries.

KLaS can provide full independent and confidential consultancy services and on-site project management, including:

  • Vehicle and Engine Test Facilities
  • Engine and Dyno Installations
  • New or upgraded test cells.
  • Emissions Systems Selection

Working with our partners, we are able to offer bespoke software and hardware solutions to meet your exact requirements. Solutions are provided using a wide variety of software platforms, including: Visual BASIC, LABview, .NET, C++, etc. As well as supporting Windows(tm), KLaS can also provide real-time solutions running on QNX or Realtime Linux platforms.

Standard Systems Software for System Integrators

KLaS is able to offer a number of off-the-shelf software solutions to Systems Integrators.

Standard software packages for data acquistion and control provided by KLaS are available allowing Systems Integrators to build solutions that offer their customers a complete package.

KLaS standard software products all interface to standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware which the Systems Integrator is able to purchase locally and build into a complete package. I/O Manufacturers include: ADVANTECH, ADLINK, National Instruments etc.

Test System Products

REO is the core name for the Microsoft Windows(tm) based control and data acquisition software products offered by KLaS Realtime Systems Ltd to Systems Integrators. Designed around the core REO Real-Time Software, the following base software products are available:

REO-ETS: Advanced Control and Data Acquisition System for Engine Testing.
REO-DEC: Dynamometer Engine Controller.
REO-DAQ: High Quality, easy to use, Data Acquisition System.
REO-CDS: Chassis Dynamometer Control System.
REO-TTS: Designed for control and data acquisition on 3 and 5 axis Transmission Rigs.
REO-CAS: Combustion Analysis.
REO-KRT: Kart performance analysis sofware package


System Integrators

UK Distributors


For a complete solution, Custom Technology is a System Integrator for the entire range of KLaS products.

Custom Technology is a long established company in Engine, Transmission and Vehicle testing. The Company has a wide range of engineering skills and is able to provide full design, installation, commissioning and after-sales technical and engineering support for all REO based products.

Custom Technology Ltd
email: Sales Department

The following Companies are able to offer KLaS REO based products:

Dynamometer World Limited
Piper Dynamometers Limited
Jardon Consulting

Alternatively, we will take on complete project management and system engineering at KLaS.

KLaS Realtime Systems Ltd
Floor 4, Carlson Suite
Vantage Point Business Village
Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
GL17 0DD

Tel: +44 (0)1594 546 109
Fax: +44 (0)1594 824 408


South Korea: 3R Ltd
Malaysia:Java Global Auto
Hong Kong: ASK Consultants

KLaS is actively looking for agents and systems integrators in all areas of the world that would be interested in using the REO range of software and system products. If your Company is interested then please contact us.

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